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Musingu High School Assignment Books




Happy New Year. I am happy that your school website has been visited by hundreds of parents, students, well-wishers and members of the public in the last one year. As the country becomes increasingly digital, I would like to point out various ways to benefit from your school’s website:


  • Posting assignments for students for easy follow up by parents and teachers during holidays as done by Musingu High School: www.musinguhigh.com
  • Release of academic performance by various classes and students as done by Kenyatta High School Mahiga: www.kenyattamahiga.com
  • Publishing of strategic plans for all stakeholders to access as done by Inyokoni Secondary School: www.inyokonisec.ac.ke
  • Showcasing of projects and developments for all interested parties to follow as done by Mumbuni Boys: www.mumbuniboys.com
  • Provision of fees information, annual fees structure and payment instructions for easy reference by parents as done by Marion Schools: www.marionschools.ac.ke
  • Posting of the recommended books for 2016 for parents to purchase for their children as done by Mwangaza School Masii under the admission requirements: www.mwangazaschool.ac.ke
  • Admission requirements for new students joining the school as done by Kibera Glory Secondary School: www.kiberaglorysec.com


In case there is need for technical assistance to continue managing your website, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours faithfully,



Davis Waithaka Maina

Chief Executive Officer

Elimu Holdings Limited


The guiding and counselling depart- ment guides and counsel’s stu- dents on academic, social, health and spiritual issues affecting them. We have programs in classes, dormito- ries, school families, teaching staff pres- entations and the principles talk so as to meet the physical, mental social and academic development of individual stu- dents, to enhance their performance. The department is comprised of eight committee members namely: ➢ Mr. .Omega Henry (senior head of de- partment) ➢ Ms. .Rebecca Sikolia (head of depart- ment &form three’s co-coordinator) ➢ Mr. Wilson mate     (head of depart- ment) ➢ Ms. Mayenga Maxmillan (form two class co-ordinator) ➢ Ms. Kwalanda Rhoda  (spiritual leader) ➢ Mr. Oloo Bernard  (form four class coordinator and department secretary) ➢ Mrs. Wanjawa Mary (committee  member) The department has picked on Ms. May- enga to coordinate presentations to the staff every Tuesday at break time. This
has helped bringing peace, love coop- eration respect and unity among staff members. The department acknowledges the participation all the teaching staff members in counselling the students especially during family meetings held fortnightly on Tuesday  between  1.00pm and 2.00 pm . The department also acknowledges the role played by the peer counsel- lors in helping the students settle in school and inspire them to fulfil their po- tential for academic excellence. We also acknowledged the role played by our principal, Mr.  Aliva Luvaso, who is our senior most counsellors to the students, teaching and non-teaching staff. This has enhanced peace, unity, respect, coopera- tion, hard work and determination in the entire Musingu community. The work he does during principals talk sessions is tre- mendous and highly appreciated. The department   however experiences some challenges   that include: i. Some students shying off from visiting the department freely even if they have a pressing problem. The department has
to use alternative means to identify them for assistance. ii. The G&C lacks materials for guidance e.g. Magazines, DVDs ,VCD videos coun- selling books and reading materials for counselling iii. Needy students who feel too embar- rassed to present themselves for assis- tance. Special thanks to go to the students body, the teaching staff and the school manage- ment for their cooperation to make our programs succeed.



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