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Cost Of College Textbooks Essay Writing

High Cost College Textbooks Essay

It is critical for America's young generations to attend college and receive a degree in order to be successful. However, rising prices in tuition and other expenses have put substantial financial burden on students trying to pay for the constantly increasing costs of college. One of the expenses that the students will eventually face is for college textbooks. Unlike high school students, college students are supposed to pay for their own books. Some said the colleges take advantage at charging students high costs on books; therefore they demand college to offer free textbooks while other students think it is acceptable if they know where to go for more assistance.
College textbooks should be purchased by the students just as always but not by the school and loaned to students for the duration of a course. Since students already get free textbooks back when they were in high school, it is the time for them to live on their own. Students who pay for textbooks themselves can get benefits in many ways. Although the costs, for college books are not cheap, there are justifiable reasons to pay the money. Nothing is free in life; Students have to adapt their life sooner for the future competitive marketing world.
Students should learn to control and save money for their college textbooks, it is part of what the college teaches. For example, since book costs vary widely, students should get an early notice from the bookstore to help themselves budget earlier.
The total fees spend on college are high, lessen the spending in book fees would eventually lead to an increase for other areas. The tuition and fees for a 4-year public university of the year 2013 to 2014 is estimated to be $8893 for instate students. The total charge is $10730 not including books. If college textbooks are to be set free to rent, University will still profit from the students by charging extra fees on other essential items.
In high school, the head of department usually decides the choice of books used for a course. However, each individual professor has the choice to decide which book is the best fit for his/her curriculums. Some professors would even assign books they authored themselves but not aware of the high cost and pressure the students to pay. According to College Board, the spending on books is equivalent to one tenth of the tuition in a public university; and it is also equivalent to one third of the cost of the tuition at a community college.
Students can seek for opportunities offered online¬ to help getting their textbooks. College does not have the time and money to help them step-by-step on how to earn more money but somehow forces students to find another ways out online. According to a graduate student from Michigan State University whose name is Jesse Marden, she states:
“I have all of my required texts for the semester. However, it has been years since I've purchased all of my texts outright in a given semester, I usually buy the books that I...

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