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How Crackers Pollute Our Environment Essay

Crackers are very harmful for health. These are not only cause air pollution but also cause noise pollution. Crackers are injurious to senior citizens and children’s health. It is not only are injurious to humans but also for other beings such as, animals and birds. Animals whose ears are more sensitive such as Dogs and Cats get afraid and often lose their hearing ability. These problems are also faced by us and these crackers often lead to temporary or permanent deafness. Here we advised to you all to encourage a crackers free diwali. Below are some harmful effects of bursting crackers.

Air Pollution: Air pollution is one of the most harmful effect of bursting crackers. Air pollution goes up by 50% during Diwali in India. This atmosphere cause harmful effect to one’s overall health. People suffering from lung and respiratory illness like asthma are at an increased risk of health complications especially during this time.

Noise Pollution: Noise pollution is as dangerous as the Air pollution. Noise pollution is also one of the harmful effects of crackers on health. It not only affects the Human Beings but also the animals around us such as cats and dogs as they have Ears that are more sensitive than the Humans.

Global Warming: The Oxides and dioxides of sulphur and nitrogen are released during the burning of crackers. These are very much harmful to human health and also to the environment around us. Hence Crackers cause Global warming and Global warming has harmful effects on our health.

Garbage: After Diwali the main problem that comes to our sight is the garbage lying on the roads. This garbage is chemical garbage that is little effective on people’s health that lives near to the garbage.

Fires:During Diwali there are always headlines in the National Newspapers that some house/workshop has been a prey to fire due to crackers and many people lost their lives. Hence fire crackers not only injure us, even also kill us. Hence Fire is one of the most effects of crackers on health and our lives too.

Injuries: Crackers are not only injurious to health but can also cause injuries to the individuals, especially to the children. If crackers are not fired properly they might cause wounds on the parts of body which is exposed to them. In many cases, Children have lost their lives or have lost their eyesight by not litting the crackers properly. Hence, it is one of the most harmful effects of crackers.

Therefore it’s a humble request to everyone to avoid crackers on Diwali or any other special occasion as its just equivalent to burning money. One can also celebrate it by having a get together with relatives and friends and sharing light and warm moments with them. Avoiding crackers will also protect your loved ones and will bring the family together during such occasions.

Diwali without firecrackers is not possible as they have a close relation but we are not aware of the harmful effects of firecrackers. Some people celebrate Diwali as Festival of light but others consider it as festival of Firecrackers. Now days firecrackers comes in varieties , some are very delightful but some firecrackers has deafening noise which disturb the others.

In our tradition fireworks used for an purpose, have an logic behind using the firecrackers i.e. Fumes produced after lightning crackers kills most of the insects and mosquitoes found after rains.

But now people are using firecrackers in that manner that they are killing the mankind by increased pollution after fireworks.

Harmful Effects of Firecrackers

  1. Many lost their lives in the factories manufacturing firecrackers due to explosion. Different health problems are caused by firecrackers like hearing loss, high Blood Pressure, Hearing Problem , Nausea and mental impairment or even heart attack.
  2. People enjoy rocket-crackers very much. Sometimes , they can set fire which result in loss of property .
  3. They produce so much noise that is more than the decibel limits for human beings. The Central Pollution Control Board of India has banned firecrackers having decibel level more than 125 at a distance of 4 meters from the bursting point.
  4. The most important among the harmful effects of firecrackers is that it pollutes the environment.
  5. Enjoy the Deepawali with care. Take care of you and your family.

Happy Deepavali 2018

Happy Deepavali 2018 is the co-owner and content curator for the events and Indian festival section of geeknoob. Happy Diwali 2018 is the name we came up due to the upcoming festival of lights : Deepavali 2018 ! The GeekNoob team wishes you a very happy and prosperous Diwali 2018.

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