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Why War Is Good Essay

Wars are very bad

If wars were good that means killing is perfectly fine. No one wins wars any way, so a war isn't a race or a killing competition. Civil wars are worse than a bunch of other wars. World wars are worse than any other wars. Why do people go to war anyway?

SOS Its Super Bad!!!

People die every day because of war. Even innocent people die because when that smoke rises, it will block all the air and all that smoke will basically, stop them from breathing. Thank you for serving are country, people are going to die no matter how bad it is. You can possibly die to. Really small chance but still, its just not fair for everyone who don't like war. I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

Yes, war is bad!

The reason war is bad is because innocent people die!! Yes, they did volunteer to go into war but they still died!! I am sure the people in war are scared that any second they might die! War has a lot of violence and we need to solve things without war! We need to find Peace!!

Yes its bad

Because, like everyone has mentioned solvibg your problems with violence will get you no more than more problems to deal with. War doesnt end unless we eliminate all of our enimies which, is not literal. If war was in our home land we all would have much different views on this matter. Killing is never the right answer especially if its of the innocent. We are in major debt due to war for gods sake so obvioisly we need to find different ways to handle the mess weve created.

War is cruel hideous and horrid

War is killing off innocent people. The ones that proclaim war are not even being affected by this horror they are no where near the action and slaughter of their own men that they are giving suicide missions to. Not to mention that the poor could be looked after but no governments would rather buy guns and rockets instead. What happened to peace. Can't we all live simply and justly without greed or hate. But It is human nature to want more to desire and dream . I wish that everyone could just be happy with what they have been given and to give to others that haven't been given this

Pain, despair, and senseless death.

War has never solved anything. It creates financial problems for all the parties involved, creates sadness, resentment, and most devastatingly: people die. Murdering an individual is never justifiable. Never. Death rips families apart, destroys bonds, terminates love, and slays the very inception of happiness. Each unique individual has a family, mother, daughters, sons, grandparents, brothers, sisters, a job, love life, dreams and ambitions. Victims of genocide, hate crimes, the families wrecked by cold blooded murder, and capital punishment. The list goes on. All of which situations could have been solved much less violently, and less destructive.
Although, an eye for an eye is a common argument for those who favor capital punishment, the incriminated could possibly be corrected, and change. People change daily, and drastically over time. In terms of war, diplomatic solutions are always an option, and when they are not; all parties should remain civil to avoid death and despair. There is no justifiable situations in which killing of any kind is “okay”.
Most families of victims of murder would disagree, they would wish for the perpetrator to burn, be put to death, or tortured. Ironically though, these feelings of hate, anger, depression, and grief are predominantly the same feelings which caused the initial murder. Therefore, invalid and contradictory.
For the most part, my art is passive and peaceful, however, if anyone chooses to be offended then one could argue that in fact, in the United States of America, I would be exercising my first amendment rights to freedom of speech, and freedom of association

Yes, war is bad!

The reason war is bad is because innocent people die!! Yes, they did volunteer to go into war but they still died!! I am sure the people in war are scared that any second they might die! War has a lot of violence and we need to solve things without war! We need to find Peace!!

Yes it is

War is good to help save our countrie. War entails a lot of violence and I do not think that we can solve violence with violence. We need to solve things without violence and find better and more compassionate ways to understand each other and avoid things like war. Vote yes

It can kill millions of people

War is bad it can poison lands for years or even decades.It also can kill millions of people or even billions.Also when war starts governments stop working and even after the war governments still don't work.Also effects of war like diseases bad government destroyed citys injured people and poverty can last for a lot of years

Is pain the only answer?

All that war is that when an argument appears, everyone thinks war is the only solution to a problem. We need to stop war and make peace. People think that it can't get any better but it can when we finally get rid of the wars of today and make the future a better place!

Alas, the wars you prepare for are never the ones you have to fight. For decades the U.S. kept trying to win World War II again in a variety of not-remotely-World-War-II-like scenarios, deploying aircraft carriers, fleets of bombers, tanks and infantry in civil wars and insurgencies, against stateless terrorists and local warlords, with what you’d have to call mixed results. This week the U.S. announced it plans to reduce its army to its prewar size. Although this news would have sounded impossibly utopian in the ’70s or ’80s, now that it’s actually happening I have to confess it’s giving me a weird, unwelcome pang of … what? What sick Thanatotic part of the psyche could feel a faint disappointment that Armageddon never happened? Maybe it’s just the feeling of being obsolete, past one’s prime.

The Cold War was a big mythic story we all got to be part of, even us no-nukes peaceniks. There was a dignity in having an enemy that felt commensurate to us, the shadow superpower on the other side of the pole. Like us, the U.S.S.R. was an expansionist empire with grandiose delusions of a unique historical destiny. We were both willing to kill every living thing on the planet over competing economic systems (I’m sure the creedal differences of the 1600s seemed every bit as worth laying waste to Europe). Yet there was a tacit “Morning, Sam”/”Morning, Ralph” sort of understanding between us, even as we coolly gambled with the fate of the race.

Asymmetrical warfare is, among other things, narratively unsatisfying. People inflict casualties on you from out of nowhere and you don’t get to kill them back. It’s degrading fighting the fanatical amateurs of Al-Qaeda. Desultory skirmishes, roadside bombs, drone strikes and Internet beheadings — it’s all so sordid and inconclusive. You never even know when it’s over. Did we win the war on terror? What happened with that whole thing? It was like a TV show that steadily dropped in the ratings until you never even heard when it went off the air. It makes you yearn for the simpler, Manichaean conflict of the Cold War, the two superpowers looming over the globe like a couple of colossal radioactive monsters facing off over a toy cityscape.

Like most nostalgia, this is stupid, predicated on willful misrecollection — like feeling mushily fond in midlife of some band you thought sucked when you were actually young. The ’80s were a dismal, soulless time to come of age — a mean-spirited simpleton was president and jingoism, bigotry and greed were cool again. At age 13 I thought the kids in my middle school who wanted to nuke Russia were dumb gullible yahoos. (They grew up to be the dumb gullible yahoos who wanted to invade Iraq.) If you’d told anyone back then that the Cold War would end before long with the Russians just quitting, you would have sounded like some flower-child acid casualty. I’m relieved that we don’t have to worry about an all-out strategic nuclear exchange anymore, that the younger generation can look forward to a comfortable future of 20 years or so before the ice caps melt.

It’s odd that not having had a nuclear war isn’t regarded as one of the great achievements of the 20th century, alongside the moon landing and the Salk vaccine. I suppose it’s hard to design a monument to something that didn’t happen. It seems like some provisional testament to, if not our sanity as a species — that might be premature — at the very least a triumph of self-preservation over aggression.

Like adolescence, the Cold War was a time when we very nearly killed ourselves with testosterone-maddened recklessness, and, looking back, it would be easy to mistake the fact that we didn’t all die as proof that we were never in that much danger after all. Or to attribute to our own wisdom, responsibility or virtue what was really just dumb luck. But there are a lot of roadside shrines to carloads of kids who weren’t so lucky, and for all we know the galaxy may be strewn with the corpses of immolated worlds. Today Putin is assuring us he’ll use force only “as a last resort,” and our other old nemeses, the Chinese, are pointedly reminding us of their own right to defend their sovereignty. Maybe the most dangerous thing you can believe about adolescence is that it’s ever safely over.

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