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Essay Boys Should Learn Cook

Write a debate on the topic;Boys should not help in the kitchen.Speak for or against the motion.

  • English - Ms. Sue

    Which side are you on?


  • English - Anonymous

    Of course boys should not help in the kitchen. This is women's work. If boys are going to help around the house they might mow the lawn if the girls are too lazy to do so. Also -- men always have willing women around to do the women's work. Men have more important things to do and think about.

  • English - Vanessa

    I am against the motion. Please I need points to write for my side.

  • English - Ms. Sue

    Do you think boys should help in the kitchen?


  • English - Vanessa

    to reduce the burden on their mothers and sisters.

  • English - Ms. Sue

    They live there; shouldn't they help with the chores?

    Many men live by themselves and so need to know how to take care of themselves. They need to know how to cook, clean, and do laundry.

  • English - Maxwell

    I know that when boys help in the kitchen it can help to reduce the burden on girls in the house because part of the cooking and other works that require more strength will be done by the boys.Also,boys will grow to become men who will eventually marry as life requires.It is a fact that your wife will not always be present at home she might travel or go to programmes.So,if your children are hungry you can be of help to them by cooking and doing other chores with the skills obtained in your childhood.
    On the other hand,we all know that fathers are the role models of boys and since fathers leave the kitchen for mothers so should boys also leave for girls.Why am I saying this?
    Firstly, there is division of labour in every society as well as home, that is to say there is home chores for boy seprately from girls.Boys need to folllow up the works of their fathers in order for them to become good fathers in future.Moreover, I am of the view and sense that,the works of boys are harder and physically challenge that even if they are willing to be helpers of their lovely mothers in the kitchen the feel so tired after work.And since they become tired after the tedious work,therefore should be considered to stay away from the kitchen.The last of my points is that, some boys are willing hundred percent to help in the kitchen so that they can become good caterers in the future owning big restaurants but are being teased and mocked away from the kitchen by their peers which has the highest influence in us in today's world.
    Mr.Chairman, since all the above listed points are undeniable facts that the motion "boys should not help in the kitchen" should be stood for, I therefore rest my case.Thank you.
    this will help.

  • English - noreana

    boy should not work at the kitchen.against the mortion

  • English - Freeman

    Mr.chairman, panel of Judges, Accurate Time Keeper, Invited Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen, I rise to speak against the before house that"Boys should not help in kitchen. Traditionally,it has been assumed that kitchen is a place for females not for males. Because of this reason, girls in many homes are confined to the kitchen while boys are sent to school. It is also a known fact that girl can been seen performing almost all the domestic duties while boys can been seen sleeping and relaxing their body. Mr.chairman,ladies and gentlemen, those who claimed that kitchen is for females not for males claimed in accordance with provision of Bible stated that male should cultivate the land and females to the bearing of children. To support their claim they refers to the creation story of the fall of man in the Old Testament in which God told Adam that he would toil and sweat before he would

  • English - Doris

    Boys should help in de kitchen

  • English - candid mensah

    i I suggest that boys should can help in the to reduce burden of girls in the kitchen.

  • English - Jor

    I am against the motion "Boys should not help in the kitchen" because when they group up into men and decide not to get married how are they going to provide food for themselves , some will say they will hire house-helps . How trust worthy will she be , how would you know if she has poisoned you?

  • English - Jor

    To also add:If you get married and your wife is indisposed, is she still going to prepare the everyday meal? Some will say their mothers will come and cook , how long would you mother be there for you to rely on ? My point is that boys should help in the kitchen for their own future and health

  • English - vidhya

    actually i need a point that boys should not cook

  • English - Prisca

    Boys must help because they'll need to support their wives in times of sickness or pregnancy. Also when they travel living their young children at home, husbands will have no option to cater for them.

  • English - Adu Eugene

    am against the emotion boy should help in the house

  • English - pratham

    boys should learn to cook as there are 70% male chef's

  • English - Daniel

    Boys should not work in the kitchen to help them acquire knowledge

  • English - Priscilla

    Write a debate on the topic "Boys should not help in the kitchen.

  • English - man

    Why men should not learn how to cook

  • English - aliya

    because they are not women s

  • English - boaz adjei

    because,people discriminate between boys and girls that jobs in the kitchen are for women not men.

  • English - louis

    I am against the motion because men in particular are been made to work at their various work places whiles ladies do theirs by takeing of the mans stomach.
    It is said"the way to a mans heart is through his stomach",this means a woman is supposed to win her husbands heart through his stomach.

  • English - Anonymous

    You are a speaker in a school debate on the topic boys should not help in the kitchen. Write a contribution that stands against the motion .

  • English - mary appiah

    i am against the motion that boy should
    ed not work in the kitchen this is because your wife may have travel and you have to take care of your children if you have.

  • English - VAIBHAVI


  • English - Rahat

    Because boy have so many work therefore they don't cook

  • English - francis

    hmmmmm,for mhe dere idont tink say gals should work in de kitchen oon van wah do u tink am i right or wrong

  • English - Pratik

    Boys also should know to do the house work it is my opinion and I don't know others opinion's

  • English - Abhishek

    Debate on girls should learn to do all work and not boys

  • Cooking is good for all

    Boys start cooking when they get inspired from famous celebrity chefs like Sanjiv Kapoor and Ranbir Barar. If they want to live single even without their parents they will gradually. My father has interest in cooking so he knows how to make tea , maggi , sandwiches and many more.

  • Boys should learn to cook

    If a man is single, he cant rely on someone else. Everyone deserves the
    education like every else. Boys and girls are the same species and are the same humans. They may have differences but that doesn't have to be a huge problem. Every has their own differences. Peace out!

  • You can't always have ready made food

    Women aren't going to stick around forever, men need to learn how to cook for themselves and be independent. Also some men do not live with their partners and they cannot just rely on oily chinese takeaways everday. Cooking is simple and easy and is meant for men and women.

  • Both Boys and Girls Should Cook

    'Neither feminism or sexism will help when you're hungry'. In other words, make your own damn food. Don't expect someone else to make it for you because you are a boy, and don't refuse to cook food because you're a feminist who's 'better than that'. It's easy. There's sandwiches (literally throw bread together), salads (lettuce and literally anything else dammit), even takeaways - you don't even have to cook in this world, just pick up the phone! But here are some tips, for boys who refuse to cook: 1. It's easy money. Like, really easy. Find a recipe online - there are heaps - throw that shit together and sell it at your local markets. Easy moolah. 2. Health - boys, if you cook, it can be anything. Don't depend on your gf or wife to serve 'healthy' recipes. There are cakes, chocolates, desserts, bacon (mmm)... I can already feel my heart giving away. 3. It is fun!! Talk about licking the cake bowl, making up new recipes, dancing to music while you cook... Don't miss out on a good time because just because you hate women and think they should always cook! In conclusion, EVERYONE should cook - and the rising bread dough will take over the world!!

  • Boys and girls are both equal then why only girls can cook

    Cooking is a skill that both boys and girls both should have because if boys had to go out for their work then they had to live alone and cook their food for them that is the reason why it is importance for boys to learn cooking as much as girls

  • Boys and girls are both equal then why only girls can cook

    Cooking is a skill that both boys and girls both should have because if boys had to go out for their work then they had to live alone and cook their food for them that is the reason why it is importance for boys to learn cooking as much as girls

  • Yes, why not?

    If men and women are being equalised in every field nowadays then why not in cookery as well?
    If women are being given the opportunity to stand on their own, then why should men and hence boys be dependent on women for something as trivial as cooking?
    I think that boy should learn how to cook not only to show that they are independent of women but so that they can feed themselves whenever they are found alone at home or even abroad.

  • Of course, equality is when men and women are treated the same. So men should learn cookery as well.

    Most people think that men should work in their offices, their place is outside and all. If so, why one of the well-known chefs is a man? Why one of the well-known businessmen is, in fact, a woman. I think that men and women should be given their opportunities in all fields. If they are good at that or want to do that, so why not? Learning cookery is something that should be taught to everyone without any exception. If women are being given the opportunity to stand on their own, then men should be as well.
    Whenever men are left alone or abroad, they should be able to cook. Why shall they wait for another person when they could cook better and more professionally?

  • Cooking is a must for both guys and girls.

    Both guys and girls are equal.Saying that only girls should cook is unfair as it portrays gender discrimination.Also,by cooking,a boy doesn't need to depend on expensive and unhealthy outside food.They can become chefs in future if they wish to do so.So,in my opinion,all boys must learn to cook as well.

  • Boys Should Learn Cooking Definately

    People have made stereotypes in thinking that only girls should cook they think cooking is something that is mostly associated with girls. By the time a girl enters adolescence, she is expected to learn all the skills of cookery. Gone is the time when education was just for boys and girls were expected to sit at home and do all the chores and cook for the husband. Now as far as I know, girls and boys are equal. Then why should boys not learn to cook? First and foremost being able to cook is a lifetime skill. Having learned to cook, a person need not fear that if he goes hungry if there is no one around to cook for him .A boy who can cook has many advantages over one who cannot. If he is a latchkey kid, he does not have to buy food for himself each time he wishes to fill his stomach. Instead, he can easily whip up something simple yet nutritious at home. Gaining knowledge is not bad and everything which we learn today will certainly benefit us tomorrow. So for boys to learn cooking is extremely good. In this rapidly increasing world learning to cook becomes necessary. Many times boys have to go far away from their family in case of better education, better earnings, etc. So if they know cooking they can prepare their own food and does not have to depend on others for their food. If their parents are gone on a trip and there is nobody who can cook food for them then they or their parents doesn’t have to worry about; who will cook food; where to eat, whether in restaurant or at relatives house; what to eat, etc. If boys know cooking then they can avoid eating at restaurants by which they may get disease like food poisoning or in near future like heart attacks, diabetes, etc. The necessity for boys to learn cooking in this modern world is realized by the people now. As studies are very important in our life and career, similarly cooking is also important which boys should understand. Many great chefs like Vikas Khanna, Sanjiv Kapoor etc had made cooking their occupation and they are very successful, they host cooking shows, have their own restaurants etc. Cooking doesn’t seem to be very important for boys in their life because most of the times what is worth most are least valued

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