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Master Dissertation On Finance

Theses and Dissertations (Financial Management)

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Theses and Dissertations (Financial Management)

Recent Submissions

  • Dittberner, Andrew Graham(University of Pretoria, 2016)
    The study examined the momentum in the fundamentals of companies over time, and whether the information content in the momentum of the fundamentals improved the understanding of the long-standing price momentum and earnings ...
  • Louw, Elbie(University of Pretoria, 2016)
    is worldwide concern that people do not save enough towards retirement. To stimulate savings, tax incentives are a method employed by governments to encourage retirement savings. In this context, the asset allocation ...
  • Mabalane, Moira Darby(University of Pretoria, 2016)
    The relationship between an individual s financial risk tolerance (FRT) level and demographic factors has been widely researched because of the importance of determining an individual s risk profile. The process by which ...
  • Marais, Desmond Dawid(University of Pretoria, 2015)
    In behavioural finance, a substantial body of work exists about what motivates a decision-maker at the moment of choice. Yet what is often overlooked is that there is a whole lengthy part of the decision-making process ...
  • Jansen van Vuuren, Stephanus Johannes(University of Pretoria, 2011)
    Microfinance is part of the financial services industry in South Africa. Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in South Africa provide financial services to a wide spectrum of clients between LSM 1 and 6. The perception exists ...

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