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Non Chronological Reports Year 3 Homework Help

What is a non-chronological report?

A non-chronological report is a non-fiction report which is not written in time order.

All of the following information texts are written in time order:

  • Explanation - this is a text about a process which happens or happened in a certain order, such as the water cycle or the events of a battle.
  • Recount - this is a time ordered re-telling of something that has happened in real life, such as a school trip or the life of Gandhi.
  • Instructions - this is a text including numbered points on how to do something, such as cook a meal or put up some shelves.

A non-chronological report is focused on a single topic and includes various facts about this topic. Children may be asked to read and / or write non-chronological reports about a country, animal, religion, planet or sport.

Working with non-chronological reports in primary school

Teachers would start by showing children a range of reports and asking them to look at the features. 

The features of a non-chronological report include some of the following:

  • An eye-catching heading in a large font
  • An introductory paragraph
  • Text split up into paragraphs and each paragraph on a different aspect of the subject
  • Sub-headings for each paragraph
  • Usually written in present tense
  • Pictures of the subject
  • Captions under each picture to explain what is in the picture
  • Diagrams with labels
  • Lists of facts in bullet points
  • Graphs or charts showing information about the subject
  • Boxes containing interesting individual facts to grab the attention of the reader
  • Technical vocabulary in bold, possibly with a glossary at the end

Children will spend some time text-marking the features on different reports and comparing how they are set out. The next step will be for children to choose or be given a topic to research.

They may be given a spider-diagram like the following, on which to make notes:

Children will then need to draft each paragraph of their report.

Teachers will then encourage them to edit and improve their writing. The teacher may mark the work and write suggestions, or children may be put into pairs to edit each other's work. 

Children then need to think about the layout of their report. They need to think about all the above features and what they would like to include. A teacher may encourage children to draw up a plan of how they would like their report to look.

Children then produce their reports in 'neat', writing up their improved paragraphs and including eye-catching headings and pictures.

Roots and Shoots

Summer Term 2017

This term we will learn about absorption and transport of water and nutrients and the role of the leaf in making food for the plant . We will also learn about the parts of the flower, their roles in plant reproduction and the stages of the life cycle of a flowering plant, building on observations of growth of seeds and bulbs in Year 2.  This work will complement our studies where we look at world concerns of global warming, climate change, green issues and eco-footprints. Finally we will all become Planet Protectors by recycling and spreading the green message!

Here are the tracks for you to learn the Lion King song lyrics. Remember to highlight your song books with your parts to help you learn your lyrics.

Spring 2 2017

For the second half of the Spring term our topic will be the Lion King. This is sure to be an exciting term as our project based learning will provide growth opportunities for all varieties of learners, exploring art, design and technology, music, P.E. drama and geography, accumulating in a fantastic production of the Lion King just before Easter.

SPRING 1 2017

We start our Spring term travelling back in time to 60 AD, where the Roman occupation of Britain is only 17 years old, and unrest is growing. The widowed Iceni queen, Boudica, has recruited the Trinovantes to help overthrow Roman rule. Whole communities are being wiped out by Boudica’s fury – and no one knows where she might strike next. A super day from our History Off the Page visitors and a fantastic way to start our new Roman Britain topic!

In the second half of the Autumn term we will be starting our exciting 'Mighty Mountains' topic. In this fascinating topic, we will learn what mountains, some of the forces that help create and shape these important features, and the effects they have on the world around them. We will learn about the climates, human interactions, and lifestyles shaped by the mountain regions of the world.

Here is an overview of our plans for Autumn half term 1. Our topic is called The Home Front where we will be learning about the Second World War and how it effected the local people of Coventry and the surrounding area.

Each Friday we will send out a piece of homework to support and extend our learning in the classroom (either a book or a homework folder is provided by your teacher). This is to be returned by the next Thursday or sooner. In addition to this, maths homework will be set using MyMaths, a new online homework scheme, again it set on a Friday and is due to be completed by the following Friday. www.mymaths.co.uk.  Rock Star Times Tables is to be used to practice and improve times tables. Please practice this as often as your can as see if you can become a Rock Hero! www.ttrockstars.com . Three times a week we will have a times tables test to improve on speed and accuracy. Usernames and passwords for both of these have been sent home but please ask Mr Dale if you need reminding of them.

Reading books will be changed as children complete their current book. It is the children's responsibility to hand books in to be changed and also to take them home at night.

Spellings are handed out to children on a Wednesday, this will follow spelling patterns for year 4 as well as personal spellings that children have spelt incorrectly over that week. Spelling tests will take place on Wednesdays.

To keep you up to date with the latest learning year 4 are also now on Twitter. You can follow us on @BPSyear4 

  • English skillsStuck on an vocabulary or punctuation problem? See if you can find your answer here.

  • Maths skillsStuck with a maths problem? See if you can find your answer here.

  • Homework help!Want to find out more about evacuation? Check out the link for help.



The Secret Garden

Measurement: Perimeter and Length

What do we know about plants and leaves?

Wise waste management

Ban the Plastic Bag



The Secret Garden



What would happen if a plant lost its leaves?

Are all roots the same?

Enthuse about Reuse



The Secret Garden


Shape and Symmetry

Why do plants need stems?

A New Green Product



The Secret Garden


Where do new plants come from?

A Greener Home


Non Fiction



Shape and Symmetry

What do flowers have in common?

What do bees do?

Environmental Song Writing


Non Fiction



Position and Direction

How are seeds dispersed?

Global Pledges


Non Fiction



Position and Direction

Can plants survive without leaves?

Pledges for a Greener Future


Non Fiction


StatisticsWhy are some flowers brightly coloured?

I Just Can't Wait To be King

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Spring 2EnglishMaths


WK 1Stories from another cultureNumber: Decimals

Reading: Character profiles/conflict & resolution

PSHE: Community identity

WK 2Stories from another cultureNumber: Decimals

English: Character analysis

Drama: Movement

WK 3Stories from another cultureNumber: Decimals

Design & Technology: Mask making

Music: Dance

WK 4Stories from another cultureNumber: DecimalsEnglish composition: Scene writing 
WK 5PoetryMeasurement: MoneyDesign & Technology Textiles: Costume Design
WK 6PoetryMeasurement: Money

English composition & Music project presentations


Spring 1EnglishMathsScienceTopic
WK 1Stories with historical settingsNumber: Fractions-

Life in Roman Britain. History Off the Page Day

WK 2Stories with historical settingsNumber: FractionsWhat do we know about sounds?Roman Britain: Life as a Celt
WK 3Stories with historical settingsNumber: FractionsHow are sounds made?Roman Britain: Life as Roman soldier
WK 4Stories with historical settingsNumber: FractionsHow do sounds travel?Roman Britain: Boudicca
WK 5Persuasion textsMeasurement: Time inc. Roman numeralsHow do sounds change as we move away from a source?Roman Britain: What makes an effective catapult?
WK 6Persuasion textsNumber: Decimals-Roman Britain: Designing and making Roman catapults.
WK 7Persuasion textsNumber: DecimalsHow can we make the best string telephone?Roman Britain: Roman legacy in Britain
Autumn 2EnglishMathsScienceTopic



'Mountain Rescue' Launch day

Story Poetry: The Story Cage

Number: Multiplication and DivisionWhat do we know about food?Mighty Mountains



Story Poetry: The Story CageNumber: Multiplication and DivisionWhere does food go inside the body?Mighty Mountains



Non- Chronological Report: Mountain Adventures

Number: Multiplication and DivisionWhat sort of teeth do we have?Mighty Mountains



Non- Chronological Report: Mountain AdventuresNumber: Multiplication and DivisionWhat do animals eat?Mighty Mountains



Non- Chronological Report: Mountain AdventuresMeasurement: AreaHow is food broken down?Mighty Mountains



Non- Chronological Report: Mountain AdventuresMeasurement: Area
Creating digestive system models.Mighty Mountains



What Does Christmas Means To Me?Assessment WeekChristmas
Autumn 1EnglishMathsScienceTopic
Week 1

Roald Dahl Week ‘James and the Giant Peach’

Number: Place Value

Week 2

Stories with issues and dilemmas: Trust

Number: Place ValueLight What do we need to see?The Home Front
Week 3Stories with issues and dilemmas: TrustNumber: Place ValueLight How can we make things easier to see at night?The Home Front
Week 4Stories with issues and dilemmas: TrustNumber: Place Value

Light: What do mirrors do?

The Home Front
Week 5

Newspaper Reports:

 Coventry Blitz

Number: Addition & Place Value

Light: How can I make a shadow?

The Home Front
Week 6

Newspaper Reports:

 Coventry Blitz

Number: Addition & Place Value

Light: How can you change the shape and size of a shadow?

The Home Front
Week 7

Newspaper Reports:

 Coventry Blitz

Number: Addition & Place Value

Light: Are your eyes safe in the sun?

The Home Front

MyMaths and Rock Star Times Tables

If you're having any difficulty with logging in to either MyMaths or Rock Star Times Tables, or have any other maths/homework questions email Mr Dale on the link below.

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