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Dissertation Typing Services Uk

email: kimwhyte@trustytranscriptionists.co.uk

Trusty Transcriptionists located in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, provides a reliable typing transcription service for your digital audio recordings and research interviews at very reasonable and competitive prices. 

One of the benefits of dealing with a small UK based transcription company like mine, is you will be dealing directly with me, and only me. You will get a personal, professional and friendly service. Most of my clients use me on one project and continue to come back to me for this very reason. I understand a lot of what you need transcribed is confidential research or information of a personal nature. Let me assure you, the information stays between you and me. I am the only person who will be listening to your recordings unless you indicate on my booking form that you would be happy for one of my transcribers to carry out the work (they will not ever be privy to your personal details). Your confidentiality is important to me. I have a confidentiality/ data protection clause in my Client Agreement form which I provide you with at the beginning of each project, to put your mind at ease.

Audio transcription is the process of taking the spoken word and producing it into a written document. I can either provide you with intelligent verbatim transcripts or verbatim transcripts depending on your requirements. I am very experienced in providing transcripts in the following areas:

  • Academic interview transcription, university student research interview transcripts for dissertations/thesis, lecture transcriptions (I have a university degree in social sciences and specialise in psychology, criminology, sociology interviews)
  • Legal transcription, covert interviews, police interviews, and all HR related issues such as  disciplinary hearings, and grievance procedures (I am very familiar with the criminal justice system having worked for the Police for 11 years)
  • Market research and marketing transcription including telephone interview transcripts, small focus groups, field interview transcripts, business conferences, conference call transcriptions.
  • Healthcare transcription in the fields of psychology, nursing, social care, and complementary alternative medicine.
  • Writers / Ghostwriters- ghost writing, author transcripts. I have extensive experience in sports media transcription.
  • And most other general transcription including, seminars round table discussions, media transcription and podcasts., 
The way it works, is you contact me and explain your project, I provide you with a signed Client Agreement Form, you provide me with your audio recordings via my secure 'send me your file' page. I then transcribe the recordings into an editable word document and email it to you within the agreed upon time frame. 

The following files can be transcribed: MP3, MP4, DSS, DS2, WAV, MAA, CAFF (iPhone), videos and more. ​

Please feel free to drop me a line to discuss your requirements: kimwhyte@trustytranscriptionists.co.uk 
07948 098890

Fingertips have a team of typists and proof readers to provide copy typing services from a range of sources.  We can type from printed and handwritten text.  Many clients send PDF and scanned documents that they require typing up from scratch into Word.  Large projects can also be sent via courier or in the post.  We can use the same front, margins and layout, and keep the exact same text on the page if required.

Whether your document has bulleted lists, tables, foot notes, section breaks, headers and footers, styles including header tags, automatic contents pages, etc, we can help.  

We can provide you with a final copy and a tracked changes copy showing all the changes we have made to the original. There is also an option to add comments throughout the document, these can be removed later.  

We can amend the document again and again until you are completely happy with the final product. Books and manuals will go through many revisions before going to print.  

Types of documents we have been asked to type in the past include: 


We can also revise and proof any existing document that you have including documents produced from speech recognition software.  Our writers can proof read your documents ensuring that the spelling and grammar is correct, the formatting forms continuity throughout, ensure the sentences make sense with apostrophes in the correct places, commas, speech marks, past and present tense used correctly, the text is not too repetitive, shorten paragraphs that are too lengthy and ensure paragraphs start in the correct place.  

Copy writing and editing

Fingertips have a team of copy writers who can write up material from scratch.  

Some material you may require writing include:


In today’s world marketing revolves around the internet via social media, websites, article and blog posting.  We understand search engine optimisation is vital for your website to be found and that Google’s requirements constantly change of how it rates a website’s importance and how it places it in the rankings.  Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest to name but a few, are all ways of getting yourself out there, but this requires constant updates and interesting posts to engage your readers.  Blog posting interesting articles about your products and services, other general news topics, help, advice and top tips that will attract readers and want them coming back to your website time and time again is a time consuming process, and thinking of new and exciting topics can leave you feeling stressed and tired!  We can help write these articles for you.  We will ask you to fill in a questionnaire about your business so we can gain as much information as possible in order that we can produce exciting and informative content. We recommend you write a new blog post once a week of about 400 words or so.

If you are thinking of having a website designed and need help writing up the pages we can assist.  Also if you are a web developer who would rather concentrate on the design aspect of the site and would like to outsource the writing content then we can help.  We will of course need as much information about the company’s services as possible and what each page needs to portray, how many pages there are and their titles.  If the client could provide some existing marketing materials or a previous website that would give us some more information, this would be beneficial.  What kind of style is the company after?  Fun, corporate/business, pretty, serious, calm etc.  

Do you have letters and emails that need typing up?  If you could provide some information on what the letter or email needs to say, we can write it up in a professional, businesslike manner which will be sent to you to proof read and make any amendments and changes for us to correct.

Would you like to send out a monthly newsletter to your clients?  Please provide us with some subjects that you would like to cover, any special offers or competitions that could be included, any interesting work that you have carried out that month etc, and we will produce the written content for you to incorporate into your template.

If you have audio that you do not require to be the exact transcript, but would like a summarised version, we can assist.  Please let us know if the transcript needs to be written from a specific person’s viewpoint or whether a generalised summary is required.

Whatever your requirements, a simple copy typing job, or complex writing, please contact us to discuss and hopefully we can work together.

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