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Nats 1740 Assignment 231

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  • Chimeric RNA Oligonucleotides Incorporating Triazole-Linked Trinucleotides: Synthesis and Function as mRNA in Cell-Free Translation Reactions


    The Journal of Organic Chemistry201681 (19), 8967-8976

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  • Selective Amidation of Unprotected Amino Alcohols Using Surfactant-in-Water Technology: A Highly Desirable Alternative to Reprotoxic Polar Aprotic Solvents

    MichaelParmentierMona K.WagnerKevinMagraFabriceGallou

    Organic Process Research & Development201620 (6), 1104-1107

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  • Chimeric Agents Derived from the Functionalized Amino Acid, Lacosamide, and the α-Aminoamide, Safinamide: Evaluation of Their Inhibitory Actions on Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels, and Antiseizure and Antinociception Activities and Comparison with Lacosamide and Safinamide

    Ki DukParkXiao-FangYangErik T.DustrudeYuyingWangMatthew S.RipschFletcher A.WhiteRajeshKhannaHaroldKohn

    ACS Chemical Neuroscience20156 (2), 316-330

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  • Substituted N-(Biphenyl-4′-yl)methyl (R)-2-Acetamido-3-methoxypropionamides: Potent Anticonvulsants That Affect Frequency (Use) Dependence and Slow Inactivation of Sodium Channels

    HyosungLeeKi DukParkRobertTorregrosaXiao-FangYangErik T.DustrudeYuyingWangSarah M.WilsonCindyBarbosaYuchengXiaoTheodore R.CumminsRajeshKhannaHaroldKohn

    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry201457 (14), 6165-6182

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  • Discovery of Lacosamide Affinity Bait Agents That Exhibit Potent Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Blocking Properties

    Ki DukParkXiao-FangYangHyosungLeeErik T.DustrudeYuyingWangRajeshKhannaHaroldKohn

    ACS Chemical Neuroscience20134 (3), 463-474

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  • Peptide Coupling Reagents, More than a Letter Soup


    Chemical Reviews2011111 (11), 6557-6602

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  • Defining the Structural Parameters That Confer Anticonvulsant Activity by the Site-by-Site Modification of (R)-N′-Benzyl 2-Amino-3-methylbutanamide

    Amber M.KingMarcDe RyckRafalKaminskiAnneValadeJames P.StablesHaroldKohn

    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry201154 (19), 6432-6442

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  • Primary Amino Acid Derivatives: Substitution of the 4′-N′-Benzylamide Site in (R)-N′-Benzyl 2-Amino-3-methylbutanamide, (R)-N′-Benzyl 2-Amino-3,3-dimethylbutanamide, and (R)-N′-Benzyl 2-Amino-3-methoxypropionamide Provides Potent Anticonvulsants with Pain-Attenuating Properties

    Amber M.KingChristopheSaloméEliseSalomé-GrosjeanMarcDe RyckRafalKaminskiAnneValadeJames P.StablesHaroldKohn

    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry201154 (19), 6417-6431

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Primary Amino Acid Derivatives: Compounds with Anticonvulsant and Neuropathic Pain Protection Activities

    Amber M.KingChristopheSaloméJasonDinsmore

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