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Catriona Mcpherson Bibliography Creator

Catriona McPherson


Catriona McPherson is the author of the Dandy Gilver series of 1920s detective stories set in Scotland, where she was born and where she lived until moving to northern California in 2010. DANDY GILVER AND THE PROPER TREATMENT OF BLOODSTAINS launched the series in the US and won the 2012 Macavity award at the Cleveland Bouchercon. DANDY GILVER AND AN UNSUITABLE DAY FOR A MURDER won the Bruce Alexander award at Left Coast Crime in 2013 as well as the Historical Agatha at Malice Domestic 25.

Catriona has worked in a bank, a history library and as a unversity professor – she has a PhD in linguistics – but is now a full–time writer with both the Dandy books and a new strand of contemporary stand–alones to her name. The first of modern novels, AS SHE LEFT IT, was published on the 8th of June 2013 and earned a Kirkus starred review.

When not writing Catriona is reading mysteries, growing fruit, vegetables and roses, cooking, baking, dumpster–diving, thrifting and hanging out with her two black cats and her scientist husband.



Dandy Gilver


House. Tree. Person., September 2017
The Reek of Red Herrings, December 2016
Dandy Gilver Mystery #9
Quiet Neighbors, April 2016
The Child Garden, September 2015
Come to Harm, May 2015
A Deadly Measure Of Brimstone, November 2014
Dandy Gilver And A Bothersome Number Of Corpses, November 2013
Dandy Gilver And An Unsuitable Day For Murder, June 2012
Dandy Gilver #6
The Proper Treatment Of Blood Stains, August 2011
Dandy Gilver #5
Hardcover (reprint)

Ocheese, FL
Pie Town, NM
Honey Hole, PA
Ding Dong, TX
Rabbit Hash, KY
Vinegar Bend, AL
Hot Coffee, MS
Pea Patch Island, DE
Dinner Station, NV
Lickskillet, KY

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Chocolate Bayou, TX
Weiner, AR
Aroma, IN
Pumpkintown, TX
Pigs Ear, PA                                       
Sourdough, AL
Breakfast Hill, NH
Chugwater, WY
Gnaw Bone, IN

Cucumber, West Virginia
Tea and Igloo, SD

Orange, Virginia

Plum, Pennsylvania

Raisin, Texas

Chili, Wisconsin

Pancake, Pennsylvania

Cheddar, South Carolina

Chicken, Alaska

Rice, Texas

White Salmon, Washington

Cookietown, OK
Cocoa Beach, FL    (I grew up here!)
Barwise, TX
Cheesequake, NJ
Potato Creek, SD
Noodle, OR
Cream, WI
Hog Island, RI
Ducktrap, ME
Three Forks, WA

Sugartit, KY
Hog'Em, ID
Coconut Creek, FL
Cabbage Corner, DE
Pepperbox, DE
Honeypot Glen, CT
Goobertown, AR
Buttermilk, KS

Chicken, AK
Root Hog, ID
Two Eggs, FL
Sandwich, MA
Biscuit, NE
Fish Market, NH
Bread Loaf, VT
Suckabone, NY
Whiskey Flat, CA
Dumplin, TN

Sugartit, KY

And where I want to live because I love PIE!

Pie, Virginia

I'm sure there are lots more fun names of towns, but we'll save some for another day!

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