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St Ephrem School Homework Now St

Visit each of our teachers’ web sites to see what is happening in our classrooms. This is a great resource for the students’ homework. Communication to our teachers can be done via email through their web sites.

       Mrs. Flanagan                      sites.google.com/site/mflanaganses/
       Mrs. Sue Malone - Aide

       Mrs. Gina Facciolo              http://mrsfacciolok.weebly.com
       Mrs. Lorrie Strange             kindergartenmrsstrange.weebly.com/

       Miss Desiree McDevitt       sites.google.com/site/missmcdevittroom1/
       Aides:  Ms. Eileen Laich (Tues/Thurs)
                    Mrs. Kelly Beck (Mon/Wed/Fri)

      Mrs. Joyce McDonaldsites.google.com/site/mrsmcdonald1a/home/homework
      Mrs. Margaret Convery         mrsconvery2a.weebly.com/

      Miss. Colleen Matkowski        http://3asaintephrem.weebly.com
      Ms. Lyndsay Dotzman            http://3bhomeworksite.weebly.com/

      Mrs. Joanne Marx    https://sites.google.com/saintephremschool.com/stephremschoolmrsmarxgrade4
      Mrs. MaryAnn Lasky    sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/mrs-lasky-4th-grade

     Mrs. Agnes Seitz          sites.google.com/site/mrsseitzsfifthgrade/
     Mrs. Jane Gindele      https://sites.google.com/site/stephremschoolrm5a

    Mrs. Nicole Duda sites.google.com/saintephremschool.com/mrsdudaclassroom/home
     Mrs. Mary Battson        mrsbattson6a.weebly.com/

     Sister Amanda Russell, IHM    sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/sr-amanda-s-homework-site/
     Mr. Michael Hughes        sites.google.com/site/mrhughesclass7a/

     Mrs. Elizabeth Needham    sites.google.com/site/mrsneedhamselaclass/
     Mrs. Shea Andress     https://sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/ms-andress-8a/


Science 6-8:  Mrs. Cherie Scholl     sites.google.com/site/schollscience/home
               Spanish: Ms. Maricel Martinez   https://sites.google.com/saintephremschool.com/saintephremschoolworldlanguage/home
Phys. Ed: Mrs. Doreen Corlies              www.physedses.weebly.com/
Library:  Mrs. Kerri Schiavo   sites.google.com/a/saintephremschool.com/stelibrary/home
Computer:  Mrs. Jeanne Brousseau       https://goo.gl/AC6uX1
Music:  Mrs. Mary Ann Schauder      http://maryannschaudermusic.weebly.com
Band:  TBA
Tutoring:  Sister Dorothy Thomas


Catapult:  Math -Dee Capella - dolores.capella@catapultlearning.com
215-394-0600  ext: 9469
                   Reading  - Beth Bedard- beth.bedard@catapultlearning.com
215-394-0600  ext: 946
        Counselor:  Mrs. Jennifer Reid, NC
Psychologist:  Mrs. Goldman
Speech:  Mrs. Godshalk

IDL has been really interesting this week as another message in a bottle arrived, Ephraim did a great job of finding it and sharing it with the class. Our task this week was to think about pirate ships and make our very own ship to allow us to join in with Captain Pete Pigeon’s adventures. First, we looked at examples of pirate ships, some big, some small, some fast and some colourful. We also learned about the different features of a ship, ask us to name some of them for you. This led to us building a ship in our classroom for us to play in, we’re almost finished it! In order to join the adventures we also linked our learning to literacy and completed some application forms, we had to choose what job we would like – helmsman, cook, quartermaster, captain, etc. No-one wanted to be the surgeon as we learned that they had the horrible job of cutting pirate’s legs or arms off!!

We love Fridays as we get to share our pirate homework tasks, some examples this week were: Dawid made a treasure chest, Isla made a treasure map, Lucy made a pirate ship, James made a pirate passport and Abigail brought in pirate cakes for the whole class (they looked and tasted great.)

Wednesday was a special day as we celebrated ‘Burns Day’. We had a traditional Burns Supper which began with an ode to an haggis, it was tricky to understand some of the words as they were in Scots language. This is something we would like to look at again and learn some traditional Scots words. Everyone wore a piece of tartan and then we raised a glass(of irn-bru) to toast the haggis. It was great to see everyone having a wee taste of some of the Scottish food – haggis, neeps, tatties, oatcakes and shortbread. Check your child’s online journal for a wee video!

Subtraction continues to be our focus in numeracy and this week we have been learning about words that mean the same as subtraction, ask us to tell you all about it. Our favourite activity was subtraction smash, all you need is 10 balls of play dough and a dice to play. Try it at home, it’s great fun and can get a bit messy! We also used our hopscotch mat to practise jumping back as that’s what we need to do when we subtract – Start at the biggest number and then jump back. Some of us are now realising that using cubes is also a good way of doing subtraction sums, it makes the sums easier to work out.

In phonics we have been working on ai and oa, these are sounds from our Vowel House story. We have sorted pictures, played smartboard spelling games, circled the ai words and made snails for our phonics display. Next week is a revision week so there will be no new sounds in the red jotter. Our reading is improving every week, we are all trying hard to sound out words and use our knowledge of Fry’s words, it’s really important to practise these as much as you can. Check your homework folders on Monday to see if you have any new ones to learn.

We finished the week by going to the P4/5 assembly, they taught us more about World Religions which linked nicely to what we had been doing in class last week for World Religion Day-thank you P4/5. We also completed a task to put in the time capsule we are making to celebrate our 40th Anniversary which is next week, we are all looking forward to the celebrations!

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