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University Of Waterloo Cover Letter Examples


Address & Contact Information

(Your personal letterhead from your resume)


Contact’s Name
Contact’s Title
Organization Name
Street Address
City, Province, Postal Code

Salutation i.e. Dear Mr./Ms. (Last Name only):

First Paragraph: (2 -4 sentences)

  • Indicate why you are writing.
  • Tell how you heard about the position/employer and why you are interested in it.
  • Mention the position to which you are applying.
  • Insert a brief sentence that gives your degree, major, university, and graduation date.
  • If you have a contact, mention that person here.
  • A brief statement about why you would fit the position.

Middle Section: (can be 1 or 2 paragraphs)

  • Demonstrate that you have done some research about this organization.
  • Describe what you have to offer to the employer. Focus on what you can do for them rather than why you want the position.
  • Connect their needs and your skills and/or experiences. Highlight your most significant accomplishments, abilities, and experiences that are specifically relevant to the employer and job requirements.  This is the section that will make the reader want to learn more, leading them to your resume.
  • Use this section to portray confidence in your ability to succeed in the position.

Final Paragraph

  • Thank the employer for considering your application.
  • If you need to explain anything out of the ordinary on your resume, this is the place to do it.
  • Express your desire to meet at an interview in the near future.
  • Make it clear what happens next - How will you will follow-up?

Complementary Close (i.e. Sincerely)

Your Signature (if mailing a copy) - leave 4 blank lines for this

Your Name (typed)

Resume, CV and Cover Letter Assistance

Career Services

Career Services offers appointments to assist you with your resume, curriculum vitae and cover letters.  Below, you will find some websites and resources that can help you make the best resume, cover letter or curriculum vitae.

Resume Writing

Your resume is meant to be a marketing tool that tells an employer why they should hire you.  The purpose of a resume is to get an interview so you must make sure that the information you present is relevant and tailored to the job. The document, “A Guide to Writing Resumes,” from Career Development Manitoba, can help you create your resume.

Resume Examples

There are three types of resumes – Chronological, Functional and Combination.  To view examples of each type, please look at pages 6-10 of the Career Development Manitoba Guide to Writing Resumes.

Your resume should be written in point form and utilize action verbs.  Try to use a variety of words to show that you have a strong vocabulary. Here is a document that can help: Action Words for Resume and Cover Letter Writing.

Other Resume Writing Resources

Cover Letter Tips and Examples

For advice on writing cover letters and to view cover letter examples, please look at “A Guide to Writing Cover Letters and Other Employment-Related Letters” on the Career Development Manitoba Website.

Other Cover Letter Resources

Curriculum Vitae Resources

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